“You carry them away like a flood”. Psalms 90:5 (NKJV)


     To return from the twilight of life to the mystic scenes of one’s childhood, is not an adventure to be undertaken lightly. It would be an anxious pilgrimage for anyone. I grew up on a southern dry-land farm in north-west Louisiana. It must have been a time trial and a triumph of faith and fortitude for generations of my family from the days of the covered wagon and through the Depression. 

     The novelist Thomas Wolfe wrote the line so full of insight: “You cannot go home again.” Do what we wish; we can never reconstruct the past. A visit home, after a long absence, is never really a visit home again. The world has moved on and the people, places, the streets so familiar in our childhood are no longer there — except in pictures. The sounds and fragrances are only in our memories. A philosopher once said, “You can never put your finger into a rushing stream or bubbling brook twice in the same place. The second time will be a different stream, in that it is made up of waters never before felt.” 

     How true of mine and your life! In a somewhat modified metaphor, the psalmist says, “You carry them away like a flood.” There is something inexorable and irreversible about a flood. We go where the surging waters take us — and we can never “go back”. 

     How fortunate that, though we can never go home again, our Savior assures us that we still are headed home — to His home. In His Father’s house are many mansions, and that is where His grace is drawing us. Let the past be the past! It has been forgiven — covered by the love and mercy of Him who died that we can live! The future is ours — and praise God, we are truly going home! 

     That is why, with our hand securely fastened in that of our Savior who is not only our divine Redeemer but also our Guardian and our Guide, we can pray with full confidence:

                                       Oh, Christ, our Lord, in years to come,

                                       Whatever may betide us,

                                       Right onward through our journey home

                                       Be Thou at hand to guide us;

                                       Nor leave us till at close of life,

                                       Safe from all perils, toil, and strife,

                                       Heaven shall enfold and hide us.

                                                    >author unknown< 


       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don. 



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