The best thing you have in this world is TODAY. It is your savior, and is often crucified between two thieves – YESTERDAY and TOMORROW. 

TODAY you can be happy - not YESTERDAY not TOMORROW. There is no happiness except TODAY. Most of our misery is left over from YESTERDAY or borrowed from TOMORROW. Keep TODAY clean. Make up your mind to enjoy your food, your work, your play - TODAY. You can do anything if you will only go at it one day at a time.

If you are bereaved, betrayed, heartbroken, why not take the day off. One day will not matter. TODAY put away your pestering thoughts. TODAY take some joys. TODAY be a little happier in the sunshine. You can do it. It is the burden of the coming days, weeks, years, that is crushing us. The present, TODAY, is always tolerable.

When God planned this thing we call life, He purposely gave it to us one day at a time, which is TODAY. We do not have to live it all at once, thanks be to Him! We only have to get through TODAY till bedtime. Every morning we are born again, as it were, with TODAY.

Why let life oppress you? You have to live your life, but only a day at a time. Come, let us finish our small task manfully. It will not be long. Do not let life mass against you. Attack it in detail, one day at a time, as TODAY, and with Christ at it's helm, you can easily triumph. 

The past, YESTERDAY, is what we make of it. It is the temper of the present, TODAY, that qualifies whether it brings you despair and discouragement or happiness and victory. Do not let the past unravel you, numb you with remorse, weaken you with self-contempt.

The poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson said "we rise by stepping on our dead selves". As for the future, the best preparation for it is an unafraid TODAY.

If you were to die TOMORROW, the best way to be ready is to discharge faithfully TODAY it's duties and to enjoy heartily it's simple pleasures.

TODAY is yours. Take it's pleasures and be glad. Take it's pains and play the man. ( see I. Cor. 16:13 ESV)

TODAY is yours. God has given it to you. All of your YESTERDAYS He has taken  back. All your TOMORROWS are still in His hands.

TODAY is yours. Just a little strip of light between two darknesses.

TODAY is yours. Use it so that at its close you can confidently say as you breathe your last breathe and ascend toward Jesus' open arms, "I have lived and loved, TODAY".

Just a thought across the Garden Gate by Don Brown.


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