"Wise Men Still Seek Him"
     Now it is over. A baby has been born, as announced to Mary, who would save His people from their sins. The shepherds, filled with excitement, have come and gone. Wise men, or Magi most likely from Persia, have come to give gifts to the baby. Having followed "His Star" for sometime over a great distance, the wise men did not find a baby in a manger, (feeding trough), in a stable. Rather they were directed by the Star to the family home (Matt. 2:11), when the child would now be between 2 and 3 years old.
     The kings from the east, who were gentiles, recognized more about Jesus than the Jews did, to whom Jesus came. They presented the youth with gold, frankincense and myrrh. Following their entrance into the Promised Land, God's men usually held 2 of 3 positions. Some held two of three possible positions: prophet or priest or king. Only Christ was all three: Prophet, Priest and King. The three gifts given by the Magi recognized Christ in all three.
     When the kings left Bethlehem they traveled a different path. Praise God! No one ever travels again the same path after coming to Jesus! Once we have found Bethlehem, bowed down before the Master and surrendered our lives in service to Him, He trumps our offerings with an incomparable  gift of His own. The Wise Men brought Him the world's riches -- but He gave them in exchange something priceless: a vision of life more abundant -- one in which they could lay that claim every day. He will do the same for you right now!
Just a thought by Parson Don across the Garden Gate. 


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