God's heart yearns for His people to focus their thoughts on Him. He longs for us to turn to Him for our every need, to seek Him out for the most minutest of needs, not just those needs to appear to us as insurmountable. So often the Christian will honor God with the windy words of their mouth, but their hearts are caught up with things that promote the supposed greatness of man: a large house in the mountains, a luxurious Lexus, a yacht in the Carabean, and on it goes. We put God into the position of playing second-fiddle in our lives, instead of the Orchestrator.

     The relationship between God and His people, or more Biblically expressed, between God and the church, is best illustrated by the beautiful relationship between two people, a man and a woman, who are truly, deeply in love. Their lives are united in the vows of Holy Matrimony. Though they are two, they are now as one in a spirit of love.

     God blessed me with experiencing this true love for 14 years and 3 months when my life merged with that of my lovely wife, Dottie. We never once raised our voices to each other, neither never expressed anger toward the other. Ours was almost a story-book romance, where we literally lived happily ever after.

     But, now, my Dottie has been called home and has joined that heavenly choir composed of an enumerable host, expressed as "the hundred and forty four thousand". This is a round figure God has chosen to help us understand what is happening in heaven.  Somewhere God declared "I own the cattle on a thousand hills!" Well bless your heart, whom do you suppose owns the cattle on the 1001 hill? God of course! This is a figure our finite mind can comprehend.

     Most of you have no doubt heard the store of the farmer who sold a mule that was excellent for plowing or pulling a wagon. The new owner came back complaining that the mule would not move. The former owner picked up a 2 X 4 and hit the mule across the head. Now the mule would work wonderfully. The farmer explained "You have to get his attention."

     God needed a way to get the attention of His people and mankind in general. Death was the perfect tool. When a loved one passes on to their eternal reward, God has our attention in no uncertain terms. Death is so definite, so irreversible and so final.  And so, my soul, my dear friend, you are receiving a music lesson now from your Heavenly Father. There is a part in that Heavenly Symphony that only you, only I, can sing. My Dottie is singing a part that only she has learned to sing.

     Even the angels can only fold their wings and listen. There are chords too minor for the angels.There are heights in that symphony which are beyond their scale. There are depths that belong only to the redeemed.

     The Father is training us all for parts the angels can not sing - and it is in the school of sorrow. I have heard it said that He sends sorrow to prove us -- no, my friend, rather, He sends sorrow to educate us, training us for the heavenly choir.

     There are songs which can only be learned in the valley. No art can teach them, no rules of voice can make them perfectly sung. Their music is in the heart. They are songs of memory, of personal experience. They bring out their burden from the shadow of the past; they mount up on wings of yesterday.  John says that even in heaven, there will be a song that can be sung only by the redeemed of the earth-- the strain of redemption. Without doubt it is a song of triumph,  a hymn to the Lamb of God who made us free

     No angel, no archangel can sing this song so sweetly as the redeemed can. To sing it they must pass through the valley as we did, but they can not.  Only those saved by the blood of the Lamb of God who died on the cross can learn this song.

     In the night He is preparing our song. In the valley He is tuning our voice. In the cloud He is deepening the chords, in the rain He is sweetening your melody, in the cold he is moulding your expression, in the transition He is perfecting your light.

     Hear John as he proclaims: ""- - - and no one could learn that song except the hundred and forty-four thousand who were redeemed from the earth." Rev. 14:3 (NKJV).


       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don. 




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