As a very young child my parents bought and read to me a hard bound maroon book titled, “BED TIME BIBLE STORES”, which I learned to love. Later they bought me a small Bible from which they taught me reading skills. 

      My Dad loved farming and was a SHARE-CROPPER. Dad moved often from farm to farm. As a result we were not always near a church. I remember mostly BRUSH-ARBORS. However, there were times we lived where there were no churches or arbors around, in which case Mother seemed to always find someone who was having devotion time in their home during the week. One of these times is when Mother had me to memorize a Bible verse to quote at one of the meetings. I learned very young, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.” Ephesians 6:1 (kjv) 

      Except the Twenty-third Psalm and The Lords Prayer, perhaps the most memorized scripture is John 3:16. Perhaps the children of every Christian family has memorized this verse. It has long been one of my favorite promises given to man by God. 

      The conditions in America recent years and the tragedy in Japan has had me pondering this scripture as well as many others. There is an old legend that says every time a sinner is converted, the angels of heaven enter his or her name in the margin of a large Bible opposite the Bible passage which brought the individual to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Of course, it is only a legend! But just imagine, if it were true, how many millions of the redeemed of all ages would have their names inscribed opposite John 3:16! 

      Can we ever sufficiently thank God for the healing streams of comfort and hope which have come into our lives through the divine comfort of this Jewel of the Holy Word? When trials beset us, when doubts assail us, when our faith would break beneath the burden of the strain, how often has our problem, our doubt and anxiety dissolved, disappearing before the warmth of this precious scripture, like snow beneath the August sun? 

      The Bible is God’s love letter to us. But John 3:16 is God’s love note addressed to His children. Indeed, God is the eternal lover of our souls! So much did He loved us that He gave the most precious Gift heaven had to give, that we may live in eternal bliss and glory with God and His Son. 

      In moments of doubt and despair, of fear and anxiety let our minds find rest in this divine comforting assurance of our blessed Redeemer, heaven’s Hero. On His unswerving promise we can assuredly stake it all! 


     Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.



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