Psa. 118:23b  

     When I first arrived city in southern Colorado, fresh from seminary in Tennessee, I was appalled. The city seemed to loom over me, enormous and impersonal, much too noisy for my sensitive ears, and too dirty and so depressing. For two years I walked past the phone company, the train station to my office. This did little to annul my first depressive feelings of the city.

      Then one day some friends from my home state of Louisiana came by to visit. "What a beautiful city this is!" one exclaimed, studying an old stone building nestled between two taller buildings.

      I was caught by surprise and responded with "I have walked this street just about every day", somewhat startled, "but I have never noticed that building." For many years following, whether walking or driving, I did not walk or drive nearly as fast as I used to.  From then on, I raised my head and looked around -- for I do not want to ever again miss any of man's ingenuity nor any of the magnificent beauty God has so generously strewn along our way. If we are alert and pay close attention to His loving gifts, we truly walk in His beauty.

      Physical walks, as I have done since my cancer diagnosis, 15 years ago, is good for our physical health. Also, as with Enoch, spiritual walks with God is good for our spiritual health. A little girl was asked to relate what she had learned in Sunday School. She said she had learned that God and Enoch went for a walk. They walked and walked and finally as evening was approaching, God said, "Enoch, we are nearer my home than yours, so why don't you just come home with me."

      That is the way it will be with us. As we study His word, walk close to Him daily and one day, when our walk in this life is ended, we will find we are entering God's home.


       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.




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