In times of trouble, sickness, funerals, etc. a comforting scripture for many is found in John 14:2 - "In My Father's house are many mansions."  This conveys to us pleasant thoughts of luxury, plenty and comfort.
       I have never heard a sermon nor read a thesis concerning this scripture in relation to the Ark of Noah during the deluge. Many have pondered the thought of what would have been the circumstance had some of the friends of Noah and his sons responded to his sermons of global destruction and went into the ark with him. Would there have been room.
       God does not offer empty promises. A very interesting verse is found in Genesis 8:13.  ". . . . and Noah removed the COVERING of the ark . . . ."  This verse seems to indicate that the Ark was not sealed so as to allow no more room. I surmise that this removable covering would indicate that there was room to add yet another floor the the Ark. Isn't that wonderful? God really was serious when He told Noah to warn the people. He really did provide for there to be room for more, had others chosen to heed Noah's warnings.
       In order to grasp the full significance of these words of the Savior in John , we must remind ourselves of His purpose in speaking them. He was taking leave of His disciples.  Their hearts were in need of comfort and encouragement. So He chooses words that will soothe their sorrow and silence their fears. "Let not your hearts be troubled". he says.   ". . . in My Father's house are many mansions." In other words there is ample room also
for you in the place where I am going. And some day I'll come back again to bring you to the spacious mansions of My Father's house. There is room enough for everyone.
       Yes, there is room enough! As the omniscient eye of the Savior looked out across the centuries and saw the countless throngs who would be brought to faith in Him, He thought it fitting to remind us that the expanse of His Father's house is limitless. There will be room for all who come to the Father through faith in Him. "In my Father's house are MANY mansions."
       We may be sure: there will be room for you and me! He whose love has singled us out as objects of His all-redeeming mercy and has promised to preserve us unto the day of His heavenly kingdom has prepared and reserved a room for us. He has claimed and holding our place in the eternal mansions. Therefore we can say with the confidence of Paul: "I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day." What a Savior! What a glorious thought! There is room in the Father's house for all who trust the Savior; and through Him there is a place for us!
       With the assurance in our heart we can rest our head upon our pillow each night with the spoken or unspoken conviction:
              Nearer my Father's house,
              Where many mansions be;
              Where, at my Savior's side,
               I know there's room enough for me.

       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.



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