". . there is a God in heaven Who reveals mysteries (secrets - KJV) . . . " Daniel 2:28 NIV
      Man, from the time he was expelled from the Garden of Eden, has vaunted himself to be greater than he really is. Nothing of enduring good is achieved without God. Columbus got it right when he kneeled on the ground of the newly found world and thanked God for his success and dedicated the land to God. Marconi got it right with his first telegraphed message across the telegraph wires, "Look what God hath wrought."
      A certain rich man got it wrong when he said, " . . .  I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones . . .  .       " Lk. 12:16 - 18. But God said, "You fool! . . . . . ." Luke 12:20 - NIV.   

     America's history has been blessed with numerous men who have honored God for His blessings by giving back to Him much more than the required tithe or 10%.  As one example LaTurneau of Longview, Texas, was so blessed of God that he gave 90% to the church, living on only 10%, yet he was still a millionaire many times over. 
      Whenever your adversary pours in upon you like a flood suggesting all kinds of impossibilities and improbabilities, what are you to do and how are you to go forward? Take down the Old Book -- sit far into the night and read its promises and prophecies. Read again the heart-warming words of Daniel, "There is a God in heaven Who reveals mysteries." Your night will unveil new stars never seen by day. On the black thunder-cloud a rainbow will appear -- God's everlasting covenant, and you will find a sunrise at midnight.
"There's acres of blue up there, " he said,
    Beyond all these clouds and rain;
There's oceans of joy and love somewhere,
    Apart from sorrow and pain.
There's millions of stars that man's never seen
   Where life can begin anew;
There's perfect calm where the ends of the rainbow
   Dip into acres of blue."
    >author unknown<
      What shall you do? Act as people who have no faith, no light, no discernment? You cannot be like the unbelievers caught in the whirlpool and sink beneath the swirling waters of doubt and despair. Thank God for the assurance of Divine guidance, and pray that you may stand in the right relationship to all the impossibilities and improbabilities, because there is a God in heaven!


Just a thought by Parson Don across the Garden Gate.



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