"In the beginning was the word . . . And the word became flesh and

                  dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory." (John 1:1, 14 NKJV)

     A nuclear scientist, speaking to a college graduation class, was making an urgent appeal for more graduates to study abroad so that they could interpret America's good intentions especially to the nations of the emerging Third World. Summing up, he said: "The best way to send an idea out into the world is to wrap up in a person."

     Though he is no longer with us, I am a "Paul Harvey Fan". He was well known for his special stories. Among them was his Christmas Story. The gist of the story is that on this one Christmas Day a man told his wife he was staying home instead of playing the hypocrite by going to church. Soon after the wife left a storm blew in and the man became concerned about some birds in the snow and wanted to "shoo" them into the barn from the cold. Realizing the futility of his efforts, the man said to himself, "If I become a bird, then I could communicate with them and guide them into the barn."

     About then, the man heard the chimes of the bells for the Christmas carols from church, and he fell to his knees in the snow and asked God for forgiveness, for his unbelief.

     In a sense infinitely more sublime, that is just what the Lord of heaven did on that first Christmas Eve. I love the way Max Lacado would would express it, "He had an idea" which He was eager to share with the entire human race, of  God's electrifying offer of pardon, peace and joy. His idea was all wrapped up in cloth as a baby, lying in a feed trough in a cave behind an inn that had no vacancy.

     That, my friends, is the eternal significance of Christmas. God, in the stillness and quietness of the night came into our presence in the form of a baby.

     But, wait! We no longer bow down to the King of Kings in a manger or baby's bed. Now we bow to the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, who at the right side of the Father who has been given all power and is now reigning victoriously, awaiting the Father's signal of the time to come and claim His own in the sky's above and usher us into our eternal home with Him for endless ages.

       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.





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