Through most of my school years I was taught the theory of evolution as being a fact. For a while I believed the non-sense about the Royal Gorge of Colorado and the Grand Canyon of Arizona being cut in place over millions and billions of years merely by the flowing of their respective rivers. The historical events as related in Genesis clarifies how it all happened.

     In light of the above I have long been fascinated by the colorful stones that can be found along the shores of swiftly flowing rivers, as well as the stones and shells along the sea shore. At the moment I do not recall the name of the hobby or trade, but, I have been very intrigued at how a tumbler filled with rocks and water and sand could bring out such intrinsic beauty in what appeared to be ordinary rocks.

     I was privileged to visit the California coast in 1989. Such awesome beauty and such majesty. A friend with me stared out across the Pacific, looking both to the north and to the south, exclaimed, "This is the only thing I have ever seen that there was enough of!"

     Yes, both the Pacific and the Atlantic are awesome. The making of beauty is also a thing of beauty. Our life on this planet is merely a time of training for greater things to come beyond this vale of tears. Most people want a life of ease, where there are no problems to be solved. But, that is a fantasy. Life is a series of us having to constantly overcome problems of various sorts. As our lives progress we become polished and the edges of our raspy personality are worn away, creating a more likable person.

     There is a very famous "Pebble Beach" at Pescadero, on the California coast. The lone line of white surf comes up with its everlasting roar, and rattles and thunders among the stones on the shore. They are caught in the arms of the pitiless waves, and tossed and rolled, and rubbed together, and ground against the sharp-grained cliffs. Day and night forever the ceaseless attrition goes on - never any rest. The results?

     Tourists from all over the world flock here to gather he most beautiful stones. But go just a short distance around the point of the cliff and the stones are just rocks - so ugly and undesirable. But, the ones dashed in the thundering surf, are to be found in valuable collections and parlor mantels around the world. The rocks around the bend are left and are unsought, because they have escaped the turmoil and the attrition of the mighty waves. They were totally devoid of beauty. Polish comes through troubles.

     Since God knows what niche we are to fill, let us trust Him to shape us to it. Since God knows what work we are to do, let us trust Him to drill us to the proper preparation. Then in eternity we will be on those heavenly mantels and in His divine collection.                                           


       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don. 



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