Several years ago I owned a copy of the "J. B. PHILLIPS TRANSLATION OF THE NEW TESTAMENT". I also owned a copy of his well written book, "YOUR GOD IS TOO SMALL!".
     King Darius, one of the rulers of Babylon understood how big our God is when he tossed Daniel into the lion's den. At the first light of dawn, the king hurried out to the lion's den and shouted down to him, "Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to rescue you from the lions?" In a word, Daniel's answer was a resounding "YES!" This answer has continued to ring out down through the centuries, "YES! GOD HAS SENT HIS ANGELS!"
     How many times we find this expression in the Scriptures, yet it is this very thing we are so prone to lose sight of. We are all well aware it is written "the living God", yet in our daily life there is scarcely anything we so easily lose sight of, as the fact that our God IS THE LIVING GOD! That He is now whatever He was three or four or five thousand years ago. The One Who changes not!! He is the same sovereign God, with the same saving love toward those who love and serve Him now, as He has always been.
     God did for others two, three, four or five thousand years ago, for one simple reason: He is the unchanging and living God! He did what He did at Plymouth Rock and for the early settlers,  because He IS THE LIVING GOD. He did what he did in 1776 because HE IS THE LIVING GOD! America came forth from WW II victorious because HE IS THE LIVING GOD.
     If all Christians in America will remember and live II Chronicles 7:14, God will demonstrate His power again, for America and His people, because HE IS THE LIVING GOD!!
     I pray that America will move forward on her knees, with the assurance that He will not fail us. He did not fail us in 1776. He did not fail us in the Civil War, WW I and WW II and other "brush" fires. And He will not fail us now if we do not fail Him. Until recent years America has delighted in speaking name of God in love. When America repents of her national sins, and speaks the name of God in love again, God will stand forth in power for us, as He did for our Founding Fathers, and in the days of Daniel.

       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.




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