The First Christmas Song

Blessed are you among women, and blessed is

the child you will bear!"

(Luke 1:42b, NIV)

      Here is a fun Christmas game: Ask your kids to name the first Christmas song. After several guesses, tell them it is "Elizabeth's Beatitude" in Luke 1:42-45.

      Elizabeth at home heard Mary's greeting, and Elizabeth's baby leaped for joy. Elizabeth, "filled with the Holy Spirit," interpreted this movement as the expression of her unborn baby's joy, which prompted her to "sing out exuberantly" (The Message).

      Herschel H. Hobbs wrote that Elizabeth sang the "First Christian Hymn." In agreeing with Dr. Hobbs, I say this was our "First Christmas Song."

      In beautiful Hebrew poetry, Elizabeth sang the first beatitude of the New Testament: "Blessed are you among women and blessed is the child you will bear!" Mary was blessed because she was willing to obey God.

      Elizabeth was humbled that blessed Mary, "the mother of my Lord," came to visit her. Elizabeth's use of "my Lord" indicates she recognized Mary's child as the long-awaited Messiah and God's promise to Mary would be accomplished.

      Elizabeth in her song was the first person to call Jesus Lord. It is interesting that her son, John the Baptist, did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah until Jesus' baptism. Elizabeth's recognition of the child as the Lord was her personal insight and commitment. Her son John had to find it out himself.

      This First Christmas Song gives us three Christian lessons:

      - To become a Christian, we must be like Elizabeth and humble ourselves to God's salvation plan.

      - Each one of us must make our own decision to accept Jesus as Messiah and Lord of our life or to reject him.

      - As a Christian, our walk and talk influence other people to become Christians. Elizabeth sang that Mary's words influenced Elizabeth to live a believer's life.

      Encourage your kids to find the next four Christmas songs in Luke's first two chapters.

      I pray you have a very Merry Christmas this year.

>USED BY PERMISSION - Frank Fain is the author of the above article. He is a personal friend and very gladly gave me permission to use his article. Frank Fain is Director of Educational Services at the Baptist Home in Arcadia Valley, MO<

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