The Building Of A Great Nation


      President Kennedy, I think, more than he realized, hit America's problem right on the head, when he made this profound statement: "Ask not 'What can my country do for me, ask, what can I do for my country."

      Out side of American's low moral ethics, it seems to me most today are more concerned about voting for the candidate that will put the most into their bank account. I have not been everywhere and do not know everyone and all circumstances, but I am aware of many who are getting food stamps, who are young, healthy and robust, and can put in a good days labor. It commendable that a nation, city or state cares for those who have become unable to care for themselves. For able bodied people to make a life-style of  soaking the government for all they can get just because they can, is unjustifiable. Thirty days emergency is tolerable, but not year after year.

      How much federal aid did the Pilgrims get? Some of the Pilgrims were from Holland and some were from England. Did they have any aid from either nation? None!! 

      When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, they found themselves in a depressed area. No one guaranteed them high prices for anything. They grew all they ate and made all their clothes and houses. Their only roads and schools, they built themselves. For security, they saved - or starved.

      All they had was Character. All they did was work. All they wanted was Self Respect. They had a Minister, Rev. William Bradford, who had his Geneva Bible, from which he taught. The sum of these four traits became America.

      But, what is going to be the sum of the traits you see today – traits of character, or I should say, lack of it, that demand more money for less work, rank security above self-respect, pampering self-pitying criminals instead of punishing them, constantly giving away resources which are desperately need to protect ourselves, giving heavy ear to weaklings that want government to take care of them when they should take care of themselves.

      Early long hard years of American self-respect, hard work, endearing the Holy Bible while upholding Christian principles have built America. The traits we see today across America can destroy it in half the time.

      Just a thought across the Garden Gate by Parson Don.      



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