Giving thanks to God is something we should be doing all the time. But, I feel it is good to have a special season in which we express our thanks to Jehovah Jirah for His bountiful blessings.

Even the Hebrews had a special day in which they "gave thanks" or remembered the day God brought them out of Egyptian bondage toward the Promise Land.

I suspect that deep down in their hearts our Pilgrim Fathers were not only expressing thanks for surviving the hard winter in the New World and a bountiful harvest, but also for having successfully left the Old World behind.

Since we love God we should tell Him so!

Tell Him how good He is, how great and wise and kind.
We should thank Him for loving us so that He died for us.

Love, care & guidance, food, clothing & home
Bible & religious freedom, our country, our schools,
Water, air, sunshine, grass, trees and birds,
Our family, friends, health, strength & wisdom,
And our animal friends.

REMEMBER: God cares for all your needs.
He wants you to ASK HIM for the things you need:
Comfort and companionship
Friendship and understanding,
Care & provision - small needs as well as big ones.


A Thanksgiving Thought Across the Garden Gate by Parson Don


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