Those of us who grew up on a farm or have spent considerable time on a farm are familiar with the reality of the expression "Survival of the fittest." Whether it be a litter of cats or puppies, there is often one that is less developed and gets less attention of the mother of the litter. Sometimes in a herd of live-stock, whether it be cows, horses or goats, or sheep, there is sometimes one that a weakling and is abandoned by the heard. In a similar manner the same is true with plants. A spindly plant will wither and die due to inability to take in sufficient moisture and nutrients.

    The most dramatic and awe-inspiring story of the survival of the fittest of all time is that of the Bible, God's Holy Word. God promised, "My word shall not return unto me void."

    In 303 A.D. the Roman Emperor, Diocletian, instigated the most terrific onslaught against the Bible the world has ever known. Every manuscript that could be found was destroyed. Every copy of any portion of the Bible that could be located was burned.   Thousands upon thousands of persons who possessed these copies, and even their families were martyred. After two years of this ruthless slaughter and destruction, a column of victory was erected over the embers of a Bible, with the inscription, Extincto nomine Christianorum — "Extinct is the name of Christians!" Twenty years after this supposed extinction of the Bible, the Emperor Constantine had the Word enthroned as the infallible judge of truth. Desiring to place copies of the New Testament in all the churches of his empire, Constantine offered a reward to anyone who could discover and deliver to his officers the Holy Book. Within twenty-four hours fifty copies were brought out of hiding and presented to the Emperor!

    A few years ago an Armenian patient in the American hospital in Turkey was given a Bible, the first he had ever possessed. Dismissed from this hospital, he took the Bible to his village and proudly displayed it to friends. A Muslem teacher snatched the book from him, tore it from its binding, and threw the pieces into the street. The young man, afraid of bringing further disfavor upon himself from this religious leader, did not pick them up.
A grocer passing by did so, and used the pages for wrapping paper. Soon they were
scattered over the entire village. Customers read the pages and asked the grocer for more. In a few days the entire Bible was distributed to interested readers, and when the Bible Colporteur came to the village sometime later he was amazed to find one hundred persons eager to buy the Scriptures. The mutilated copy had borne fruit a hundredfold!

       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.



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