Perhaps every preacher that has ever preached; every writer that has ever written has preached or written about the Six Miracles of Calvary. This is the FIRST in a series, I have taught in Bible classes, of the Six Miracles. These miracles are the one chain of signs that are wrapped around the death of Jesus Christ and are fastened to the full meaning of Eternal Redemption.  Each one is in direct connection with His death. Some were from the heavens, some from the earth, and some from under the earth. Wonder of wonders - all together they constitute an elete class of wonders unto themselves.
Christ hung on the cross for three hours and now "It was about the sixth hour" - that is, noon, and THEN there was darkness. Luke states there was darkness OVER THE WHOLE EARTH. Luke 23:44 (NIV) Matthew states there was darkness OVER ALL THE LAND. (NIV)
No, there is no contradiction at all here. First of all, though all scripture is inspired of God, He allowed each writer to keep and write through his own personality. Hence, Luke who was a scientist, being a doctor, was caught by the fact there was darkness over the ENTIRE earth. Matthew, on the other hand, having been a tax collector had his attention caught by the fact that had he still been collecting tax, he would have been hindered in doing so.
I believe that the darkness had a concentration of force much like the three days of darkness in Egypt, where there was light in Goshen, yet it was stark darkness through out all the remainder Egypt. Just imagine a cloudy night with a New Moon, it is pitch black darkness, yet around your own house in bright day light! That is the darkness experienced in all of Egypt, except for Goshen!
What, then, was the nature of the darkness at Calvary? It was a visible suspension of the natural order of nature. None but God, the Great First Cause, can interfere with the regular course of His established natural causes. Creation had within itself no cause which could have produced the darkness. It was God, then, who stepped out from the universe of natural causes and became displayed to our view as being Himself distinct from the universe, standing, as it were, with "darkness under His feet." The nature of normal light is to make darkness to scatter, of which we are all aware of when striking a match or turning on a lantern or flicking a switch on the kitchen wall. The miracle of the darkness at Calvary is THE DARKNESS PUT OUT THE LIGHT. Such is the impact of SIN. The sins of the whole world from Adam to the last person yet to be born were placed on Christ while on the cross. SIN IS SUCH A HORRIBLE CURSE FOR WHICH THERE IS NO REMEDY BUT THE BLOOD OF CHRIST!!!
That is the CAUSE for the darkness - but the REASON? Passover was always on the 15th of Nisan. The day of preparation was, naturally, the day before or 14th of Nisan. Because Christ was God's Sacrificial Lamb, John 1:29, He was now to be the Sacrificial Lamb. Therefore, the sun was darkened to prevent anyone being able to select a lamb, butcher it and roast it in preparation for Passover. Christ was now the Passover Lamb. Hence, it follows that the darkness brought on by sin prevented the normal preparation. In fact Christ was riding into Jerusalem at the time of putting up the lamb to fatten.
Since the darkness continued for THREE HOURS, it was not an Eclipse, as the longest an eclipse can last is a few minutes. Besides it occurred during the preparation for the annual festival of the PASSOVER, which was always observed at the time of the full moon, when an ellipse of the sun is impossible. 
There is an amazing prophecy in Amos 8:9, 10 - - "In that day, declares the Sovereign Lord, I will make the sun go down at noon and darken the earth in broad daylight. I will turn your religious feasts into mourning and all your singing into weeping." (NIV)
What an exact description of the scene of Calvary! For true Christians the Calvary darkness is gone, and the true light now shines.

a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.

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