We Americans love purchasing items with "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, OR MONEY BACK"! A few years ago I was on a business trip in Texas, when I drove past a car-wash with a large, lighted sign that read: "GUARANTEED CLEANEST WASH IN TOWN OR YOUR DIRT BACK!"  We love being able to return an item for the least little complaint and get our money back. 

Every morning people all over the world wake up looking for something they think will satisfy them.   People are not necessarily thinking,  "Maybe today I will find something that satisfies me."  People do not sit in the Chick-Fil-A or McDonald's drive-thru line purposefully processing the possibility that this might be the day that changes their lives.

Everyday people live their lives with a constant longing. Every human heart is designed to worship and adore something beyond themselves, but they do not know what it is. In Acts we read of a man driving along the road from Jerusalem to Ethiopia reading a scroll of Isaiah. He had a longing in his heart, but he could not put his hand on what it was. God directed Philip to him to explain to him what he was longing for. Soon he was on his way rejoicing, because his longing heart found that for which he longed. Acts 8:26-39.

Underneath the surface of their daily grind of peoples lives there is a longing. Sometimes it may be subtle; other times it is much more pronounced. But, always, it leaves them looking for something that will fill up a constant nagging emptiness deep inside.

It  was  not  long  before  His  crucifixion,  that  Christ  crossed  o f the  Sea  of  Galilee  and  went  up  o n a mountain. Crowds  of  people  followed  Jesus.   Here  Jesus  fed  thousands  with  five  loaves  of  bread  and   two  fish.   John 6:1-11. The news had circulated how Jesus had walked on water and rescued His disciples from a furious storm. They wanted to meet a man who could walk on water and feed 5,000 with so little. They were looking for something, but but could not put their finger on it. The crowd wanted Him to meet a "felt" need, give them a new religious experience, or "wow" them in a way that nothing in their lives never had.

Jesus did none of those things. There were no miraculous demonstrations, no "happy meals", no heavenly vending machines and no religious formulas. Rather, that day after the excitement waned, the the baskets filled and hauled away, Jesus cut through all the stuff they thought would satisfy them and spoke to their real need.

In the statement, "I am the Bread of Life", Jesus answers the great question of the human heart. He satisfies the deepest longing of the heart. He made it personal. It is not about the things He gives us. It is not about the religious expressions of our faith. It is not even about the miraculous demonstrations of His power. It is about Him. Jesus continued saying, "HE WHO COMES TO ME SHALL NEVER HUNGER, AND HE WHO  BELIEVE IN ME SHALL NEVER THIRST." (John 6:35 NKJV)

This is satisfaction guaranteed by a risen Savior, now reigning at the right hand of God on high!


Just A Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don


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