I am appalled at what I hear and read in the news. A few days ago while listening to the evening news, there was talk about a medical shot being available for young people that will protect them from a particular kind of cancer that is passed by sexual contact. The speaker went on to say that it is important that parents see that "their kids get this shot before becoming sexually active". I was just mortified that there would be any suggestion at all that our school children should be indulging in sexual activity. Our parents, our schools and our churches should all be teaching our young people that sexual activity is only for married adults, not for children, nor between unmarried adults. We seem to be teaching our children by our silence that they can do what ever they wish.

      When we the people, allow our local, state and federal law makers to get away with passing insane laws, we are teaching our young people that there are no absolutes, no priorities and no consequences for wrong action. Declaring that the Ten Commandments on display in public is illegal, conveys the thought that lying, stealing and killing, etc is just fine, as these things are condemned by the Ten Commandments. To say that we cannot use the name of Jesus in public is conveying the lie that a man looking on a woman to lust after her is just fine, as Jesus had specifically so stated (Matthew 5:28)

      America is in trouble because we the people have discarded wisdom and the Bible in selecting who to vote for in local, state and national elections. It seems that most people vote with their pocket-book and/or bank-roll in mind - with what is in it for me, is the general thinking. President Kennedy had it just right when he said, "Ask not what can my country do for me, rather, ask what can I do for my country".

      Of the 56 brave men who signed the American Declaration of Independence, 50 of them were committed Christians. Some of them were ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ or involved other ways in Christian and Biblical work.

      John Jay, our first Supreme Court Chief Justice stated that we should desire only Christians to rule us. John Adams, our second President, said, "The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity".

      John Hancock, whose giant signature is on the Declaration of Independence, believed that happiness could only come when Jesus Christ was ruling the world. As governor of Massachusetts he asked the people of the state to pray, "that universal happiness may be established in the world and that all may bow to the scepter of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the whole earth be filled with His glory". In fact he called the state to prayer 22 times.

      Benjamin Rush started the first Bible Society in America. He also made the first mass production of the Holy Bible in America by stereotyping and was promoter of the American Sunday School Union. As a nation we have done exactly that which Mr. Rush warned against. He said, "If we take the Bible out of the public schools, the nation will go to hell in a hand basket." He also stated that the only way our form of government can work is that the principles of Christianity are well grounded in the hearts of the people.

      I am now 84 years old and I feel as though my life has been lived in two different countries. The Bible and prayer were declared illegal in public schools in 1962. The very atmosphere has constantly become more tense since 1962 from what it was prior to that time. How well I remember when growing up on the family farm in Louisiana. My dad never locked his car when he went shopping and when we left the house, he was not concerned about locking the doors. I left the family farm in 1954 to attend Bible College in Tennessee. I thought nothing of hitch-hiking both ways. Today I would not dare to do so. Nor will I leave my car door unlocked for even a second nor leave my house with the doors unlocked. In the fifties I felt safe no matter where I walked during the night. Today were I to wish to walk at night, I better be paired to defend myself.

      There have always been those who commit murder, but prior to 1962 mass shootings were unheard of. Pregnancy outside of wedlock, has always been, but it was called sin. Today having a baby and becoming single mother out of marriage is not frowned upon. I remember when living with someone you were not married to was called, "Living in sin." Now is considered normal. And, I remember when there were homes for unwed mothers. There used to be such a things as shot-gun-weddings - yes, in my life time, even. The United States no longer blushes and does not listen to God.

      In my opinion God is slowly removing His protective hand from America. We have always had upheavals in our weather. The house on my family's Louisiana farm was blown away by a tornado about May 1948. The super tornadoes and hurricanes we now have were never heard of before. We have always had forest fires, but the numerous monster-fires now, several at once, were never heard of before. There was a time when America was invincible, in that the enemy could not penetrate our borders. This is no longer the case.

      America needs to return to the thinking of our Founding Fathers. If only America would heed the promise/warning God gives in II Chronicles 7:14 - "If my people who called by my name . . . . "

      Will Christians listen? Will America respond? For each day they do not, the times will only get darker.

      Just a thought across the garden gate by Parson Don


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