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      Have you ever found yourself in such a predicament that you found it difficult to clearly explain how you had gotten there? Such was the case with the young man who was born blind in John's account of the Gospel. the pharisees were so determined to make it out that Jesus had performed an unlawful act on the Sabbath that the heckled the young man to tears.

     The above statement is one of the most eloquent statements in the Bible. In essence the young man had told the self-exalted Pharisees, "When it comes to long and logical arguments, I am no match for you professional theologians. There are many questions I cannot answer. But this one thing I know ... yesterday I was blind, but today I see ... and your arguments will never change that."
     Thus it is with every humble child of God. He does not know how it was possible for God to become a man, but he does know that the God-Man, Jesus Christ, has shined into his heart and has made him a son of god, a co-heir with Jesus Christ, Himself. No one knows how it was possible for the Son of God to redeem his life from destruction, but he does know that a heavenly peace has flooded his soul ever since he learned to believe "the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses him from all sin."
     How blessed are those who, above all else, know but one thing, Jesus was born in Bethlehem as our Savior and Lord and declared to be the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world

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