We are now in a Presidential Election year in America. The U.S.A. is now at a cross-roads. Our choices for president is not good. Prior to the elections of 1960 America usually had a choice of two good candidates for president. Since then, our choices have mostly been "the lesser of two evils." I for one of millions am tired of the choice of the of two evils. This year, it is time for all freedom loving Americans to stand up on their own two legs and think clearly for themselves. This year I am casting a NO vote for both candidates. I am no longer a Republican or a Democrat nor Independent. I am a Conservative American. This year I am writing in a candidate who is Pro-America and Constitutionalist.

     May our Statue of Liberty, our Constitution with its Bill of Rights and the Pledge of Allegiance stand a thousand years! And may each American, during the remainder of 2008, prior to the election, pledge to build another statue in their hearts - a Stature of Responsibility and Recommitment. I pray that our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and Pledge of Allegiance will be cherished documents for centuries to come!

     In the weeks and months ahead may each of us in this free country write another declaration - a personal and sincere Declaration of Gratitude and Integrity. May our Bill of Rights help to preserve our freedom as long as God chooses to let time endure.

     May our Pledge of Allegiance be repeated proudly and joyfully by children, youth and adults throughout man's pilgrimage on earth!

     And may each of us in these 50 states compose his own pledge - a Pledge of Dedication and Loyalty to God and to our beloved United States of America. This year, we Americans must vote with our Bibles in our hands, not our bill-folds. Let us think like the occupants of the Mayflower thought and like our Founding Fathers thought.

     Prayer is our mightiest weapon, against which, nothing can stand. When Christians pray, God comes to our attention. He wants us to pray, presenting all our needs to Him. Each day let us together for one minute in our various time zones - 9 p.m. Eastern time; 8 p.m. Central time; 7 p.m. Mountain time; 6 p.m. Pacific time, pour our hearts out to God for the United States, our troops, our citizens, peace in the world, for the Presidential elections, the Bible remains the basis of laws governing our land, that Christianity grows in the United States.

     Jehovah God, now, as when our nation was founded, is our only hope. We must fall to our knees and plead for God's mercy and grace for our nation. The status quo must end.  


       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don. 



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