MY TESTIMONY - By Parson Don


     I have been in some phase of the work of the church from the age of 9. Having grown up in a church that taught and believed in salvation by works, I believed I was saved by my good works.

     After leaving Louisiana in 1954 and arriving in Colorado in 1956, I soon aligned myself with a church and became involved. In a short time I was working in an auto parts store working in the stock room and delivery. I met a young Christian lady at a church New Year's Eve party December, 1956. The chemistry was right and we were married June 1957.
     On Saturday's I helped a minister who was also a carpenter with his work on that day each week. He soon became aware that I was not truly saved and began witnessing to me. I took this as an affront and laughed at him as being ridiculous.
     In time I resigned my job with the auto parts store and joined my wife and her mother in their long established insurance business. Things developed that I bought an insurance agency for the same company in Longmont, Colorado, about 200 miles to the west of where I was, in Pueblo, Colorado.
     At the same time my carpenter/minister friend had to move to Virginia, almost 3000 miles east of Pueblo, Colorado. One Saturday my wife and I had to make a trip from Longmont, CO to the insurance agency in Pueblo, Colorado. We arrived as planned at the office of the insurance agency. As we were entering, my friend who had gone to Virginia, was at that same moment, leaving the office and we met right there, unplanned, face to face. The minister asked me a question and I responded. I do not to this day remember what the question was nor what my response was. But my minister friend's next statement and action was to place his finger 2 inches from my nose and say very strongly, "Don Brown, you had better get on your knees here, right now, and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, because you are headed for a devil's hell just as sure as we are standing right here."
     I wilted and taking his hand I knelt right there in the entrance of the insurance office door and was lead in a prayer confessing I was a sinner and asked Jesus to come into my heart as my Lord and Savior.
     I have marveled for years at how my friend and I were suddenly separated by thousands of miles, then one day, at God's bidding we met unexpectedly at a point in time where the Holy Spirit was able to complete His saving act in my life. My life has not been the same since, with God using me in many surprising ways. Among them has been my writing devotionals and now with the help of a friend, this website.
     My prayer is that no matter how He uses me, His name is honored and glorified and souls are rescued from condemnation to hell.

       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.



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