President Franklin Roosevelt expressed it well when he said, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."

    When we move forward in our varied pursuits, fear, itself, steps aside to make room for our boldness. Fear knows only failure. Boldness knows only success. So many think "walking in faith" is a religious act. Nothing is further from the truth. When we dare to drive on our streets and highways, we are stepping out in faith. When we fly from one airport to another, that is an exercise in faith. To invest $100,000, or any amount, into a business venture, is a leap of faith.

   Fear keeps life from exercising at its very best. It keeps dreams from becoming reality. It keeps the excitement of hope from blowing through life. It keeps faith from taking hold of some new way that could change and challenge our lives.

    Life is not a destination - it is a journey. Fear is more often in retreat than it is on a journey. it retreats at the smallest sign of failure, at the hint of a problem, at the moment of a doubt. Great and rewarding journeys are forfeited when fear raises its ugly head.

    Fear approaches life with hesitation rather than hope and excitement. Hesitation keeps life from pursuing the good and exciting life. While fear keeps life in a deliberating pattern, another comes along, with faith and courage, and grasps and runs away with our lost opportunity.

    Fear drapes the banners of hope with doubt and with dread. When hope has been drenched with such pessimism, it ceases to be a thrill, and becomes a threat.

    Fear closes the door on all good possibilities, before such possibilities have an opportunity to bless and better our life.

    God has promised fruit for our labors. Deut. 30:9, but we must not put ourselves to the task in fear. We are more than conquerors! Rom. 8:37. Fear closes the door on all good possibilities. A possibility must have a door of faith through which it can walk and a dream by which it can be developed.     

       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don. 



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