When Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was in his 70s a friend asked him how he kept his vigor and continued to write so beautifully. Longfellow pointed to an apple tree in full bloom and said, "That tree is very old, yet I have never seen prettier blossoms upon it than it bears now. The tree grows a little new wood each year and it is from this new wood that the blossoms spring.  Like the apple tree, I try to grow a little new wood each year." 

     It is never easy to say "Good-bye." When our children go away to college, when we have visited with loved ones in another state - the time of departure is not easy - we do not like "Good-byes."  Then the ultimate "Good-bye" when a friend or a loved one departs this vale of tears, is the most difficult one of all. That last Good-bye seems so final. This is the time when we really need something to hang onto. We need an anchor whose hold is firm and sure. 

     The primary reason for Jesus' sojourn on this earth and His death and resurrection was to secure our salvation. However, in our time of trial and stress when we are struggling to say "Good-bye" to our loved ones, Jesus is the Anchor that holds. He will hold our hand as we walk that wearisome path. He has already trodden that way and knows all the nooks and crannies. He knows the way of the Shadow of Death and makes the way clear. 

     In God's eyes no person is totally helpless, as no one stands completely out- side the circle of His mercy and grace. David's enemies had been passing the word that God had forsaken him, just as Satan would love to convince us. Then, like David, we turn our eyes toward the heavens, and suddenly there is assurance. Faith returns. Confidence and hope are found anew in remembering Jesus' faithfulness. We are to live life meaningfully. Our Lord gives us "the spirit of love" to reach out to others in loving concern, to lift up, to encourage, to pray for and with others. "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me." Phil. 4:13. This is abundant living. 


       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.




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