Precious Moments Chapel is located in Carthage, MO. A visit to see the Chapel and Visitor and Gift Center will be an experience you will long remember. Until then you can enjoy visiting by way of the link the PRECIOUS MOMENTS CHAPEL, Visitors Center and Gift Shop. You will enjoy their history.

Windermere, located in Roach Missouri, is an inspiring and uplifting Baptist Conference Center. You will enjoy what you view on this link. When passing through Missouri, you are welcomed to stop by for a tour.

When visiting or passing through Farmington, MO., you will find a warm welcome at First Baptist Church of Farmington. There is a Bible Class for everyone and the choir will inspire you. Following will be an uplifting sermon by Rev. Dr. William Miller.

Jerry Hampton is a gifted facilitator, having worked with group dynamics and community building. He and his family are dedicated Christians, having worked in Quebec, Great Britain and Greece, as well across America. You will find much good reading in this link.

R. G. LeTurneau had a saying that went something like this: "No job is too big, just men that are too little." During his life time LeTurneau built some of the biggest building equipment ever built. He build dirt moving machines with wheel over 12 feet tall!!. R. G. LeTourneau made a pact with God that if God would make him wealthy, that he, LeTourneau would give 90% to the church and live on 10%. LeTourneau still became a multi-millionaire! Today a large Christian University stands in honor of this man's faith in Longview, Texas and enjoys an enrollment from across America and 25 foreign countries.

Marv has served our Savior all his life in many capacities. Among them has been music. You can listen to him sing many of your favorites. I love listening to his music as I write my devotionals and other writings.

Some of his Classic Gospel songs are also available,   CLICK on YouTube or Vimeo.   



      At the bottom of this page - you will find a SAMPLE song by Marv.  It is a favorite with many of his friends  - 

      HE TOUCHED ME!    Just click the MP3 player to start or stop the song.

     Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don. 



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