During this week most pastors across our nation are busy preparing for next Sunday’s sermon. Our church here in Farmington, Missouri, will have several Veterans marching  proudly down the two isles of our church, each carrying an American flag. Each flag will be placed in stand for the remainder of our worship service. The choir’s anthem will be a patriotic hymn that will make stir our hearts.

      Much time will have been spent in preparation for Sunday.  But, then we as worshipers have to prepare ourselves to hear. Someone has well said, it takes two to make a sermon, the one who is preaching, and those to hear.

     Whether or not you and I will be fruitful hearers this coming Sunday will depend very much upon our frame of mind –yes, even our “frame of heart” – today, tomorrow, and throughout the week. Keeping late hours on Saturday, or engaging in family quarrels and bickering until just before leaving the house in anger five minutes late for church, will surely not prepare our hearts for a fruitful sowing of the Word.

     We will take to church in our hearts next Sunday what we put into them today and tomorrow. How important, then, that already today, by prayer and meditation, we prepare the soil of our hearts so that the precious seed might enter! Let us take heed therefore how we hear!

     Well might we pray, not only each time we open The Book for personal or family meditation, but also each Sunday as we enter our accustomed pew:

Lord, open Thou my heart to hear, And through Thy Word to me draw near;

Let me Thy Word e’er pure retain, Let me Thy child and heir remain.


       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.



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