Several years ago someone asked a a prominent individual of that day, "What do you think of civilization?" His reply was "I think it's a good idea. Why doesn't someone start it?"  When I look out across the world wallowing in anarchy, violence, killing in the name of religion, slaughtering innocent unborn babies, more interest in the occult than God's Word, the liberal attack on Christianity, the Bible, the American Constitution - I see only moral decay in general all around us.

      The thing that amazes me most about all this insanity, is it is being called progress! At the same time I hear so much hullabaloo of the fairyland we will be living in by 2030, under the projected one world government. This leaves little time to get from pandemonium to Paradise!

      Thankfully, not everyone has lost their mind. A few sober minds are beginning to suspect the current machine we have created is running wild, and that the proposed new one will be no improvement. As I see it, we have to get off this merry-go-round and stop feeding on the indefensible unborn, experience a national return to the Bible and Christianity, sanctity marriage as a life long loving commitment between one man and one woman. In the mix we must abandon the concept that government is the source of solutions to all our problems.  America was not founded by government. Rather it was founded by men and women seeking the right to worship God after the dictates of their own heart, not to get out of His reach. Then they set up a government of representation under a God inspired constitution to protect those God given rights.

      The America that was once an industrial giant, the envy of the world, was not built by government, but, rather by hard working men and women of genius. Many of these early founders of America's genius contributed heavily to the church, and God honored them. In fact, only a few months ago, when visiting with a figure-head at Proctor and Gamble, I was told that the president or general manager of  Proctor and Gamble still gives 15 percent to the church.  This has been true of many successful business giants. The famed R. G. Letourneau of  Longview, Texas, gave 90% to the church and lived on only 10%, yet he was a millionaire in his own right.

      The main reason I have no faith in the "progress" that is being palmed off onto us is, scripture teaches there is retribution for sin, no matter how well condoned. The evolutionist and liberals in general, want us to believe man is making his way up through animism, fetishism, totemism, polytheism, and monotheism to a knowledge of God. Contrariwise, man started with complete knowledge of God and has been going down a slippery slope ever since.

      Our Lord declared that before He returns lawlessness will abound, love will abate and faith will be practically non-existent. Liberalism is a modern Tower of Babel, proudly building a name for itself.

      What is a Christian to do in this modern madhouse? We can not withdraw from society, as we are told to "go tell." We can not hide in a monastic seclusion, imagining we are mystics when  we are only mistakes. Thoreau escaped the "progress" in his day in his cabin on Walden Pond. But, there are not enough Walden Ponds and the way out is not a lodge in the wilderness.

      The Apostle Paul wrote:  "What I mean, brothers, is that the time is short. From now on those who have wives should live as if they had none; those who mourn, as if they did not; those who are happy, as if they were not; those who buy something, as if it were not theirs to keep; those who use the things of the world, as if not engrossed in them. For this world in its present form is passing away." - NIV - I Cor. 7:29-31.

      Of course this does not mean we are to neglect our domestic obligations. Paul also tells us that a man who will not provide for his own has denied the faith and is worse than and infidel. I Tim. 5:8.  It does, however, mean that all other claims are marginal and Christ is central. When Christ is central He sanctifies and glorifies the marginal!

      This is hardly the approach for an after-dinner speech to the Rotary Club or the Chamber of Commerce, but it is the right pitch for A Christian pilgrim and stranger in this world.  Paul says "The time is short." We are never wrong when we live as though the Savior may come at any moment. Dr. G. Campbell Morgan is said to have said, "I never lay my head on the pillow at night without thinking that before morning dawns the final morning may have dawned."

      These words in the immortal song written by Adam Geibel,  expresses our victory:

                        Stand up, stand up for Jesus,

                        The strife will not be long;

                        This day the noise of  battle,

                        The next, the victor's song.

      A successful business man was given a trip to New York by the company he represented. After his return home from the trip, as he went to bed that night as he prayed, he thanked God he had not seen anything he wanted! 

      I am inclined to think I would have said, "Excuse me, please, I'm just passing through. I am not excited about your boasted progress. It is just a little Show-and-tell show manipulated by unseen hands and will soon be over for the time is short and the fashion of this world is passing away!"

      Just a thought from Parson Don across the Garden Gate


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