“Oh Lord,. . . You are my God. My times are in Your hands.” 

                                                                            Psalms 31:14,15 – NIV 

      How often I have traveled and was so thankful I had my camera along and could capture that beautiful scene in the distance, or that robust wild animal on the hill side or a field of beautiful flowers in the meadow below. 

      There is a story of a traveler in the Scottish highland. His roving eye fastened on a cluster of beautiful flowers far down the mountainside. He promised a reward to a shepherd boy if he would pick them, offering to let him down by a rope. The boy eyed the stranger suspiciously and then, without a word, disappeared into the woods. Shortly he was back, but he had his father with him. He was willing to be let down the mountainside, provided the rope was in his father’s hands! 

      Our Father in heaven permits our feet to come upon steep and slippery places, far down the mountainside of human suffering; but no matter how deep the valley or how difficult the descent, we can always rest secure in the conviction that our times are in His hand. He holds the rope! 

      We shall go just so far down the hillside of adversity as His love would have us go. He knows our strength, He knows our weakness. He knows what we are to bring up with us from the valley – what lesson in humility, what lesson in trust, what lesson in Christian virtue – and He will bring us up again as soon as we have plucked these flowers for which His love has sent us. 

      What a comfort, when our cross seems heaviest, when it seems that our life has neither plan nor purpose, when it seems that we are being pushed about by a blind and merciless fate, to remember that in every valley of affliction God holds the rope and that our times are in His hands. He will guide us. He will hold us. Our faith is that of the poet who wrote: 

I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus, never let me fall. 

I am trusting Thee forever and for all. 

I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus, Trusting only Thee;

Trusting Thee for full salvation great and free.


      Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.



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