IN THE BEGINNING GOD, PART 2                          



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                              POSTAL STAMP OF ALL TIME.

         When I was a youngster growing up on the family farm in Louisiana decades ago, in the evening Dad and I often sat on the front porch. As we gazed into the starry night he would recite to me a Nursery Rhyme that I, many years later, recited to my own kids sitting on the patio of our little farm in Colorado. I am still enchanted today by that same little Nursery Rhyme, which goes like this:

                                    HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE,
             UP ABOVE THE WORLD SO HIGH,   
                                   LIKE A DIAMOND IN THE SKY.
                                  HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE.

        There is story about a young man, who, upon graduating high school, went away to college. Ultimately he went on to attend Ivy Leagues and obtained impressive degrees. As time passed he became the president and CEO of many great corporations. One day in a wistful moment, looked up into the starry blue and said:


        Years later, with back bowed, knees weak, voice cracking, the now aged CEO leaning heavily on his cane looking up now said:


        Man has sought for millennia, apart from the Holy Bible, how man came to be. Man has sought for answers from a so-called scientific points of view. What is the source of human life? Where did the various languages come from? What is the origin of various skin color and races? What lies beyond the furthermost star? Why are we here? What is our destiny?

        Had God started His prologue with humanity explaining how He brought each individual creature into being who among all of humanity would be able to understand? Had God explained how He engineered each part of the human body before He breathed the BREATH OF LIFE into it, who among all of humanity would be able to understand? When the most advanced and accomplished scientist or doctor holds and considers the human heart, or kidney or brain, he is simply awe-struck. He/she cannot get past, "The brain that engineered and designed this - oh, what a brain! How could he have had such knowledge?"

      "In the beginning God. . . . " - here we meet the Sovereign of the universe! It is almost, in itself, more than we can comprehend. The earth is spinning on its axis at 1,000 MPH! Planet Earth is moving around the sun at 67,000 MPH! The Milky Way Galaxy, in which Earth is spinning, is 100,000 light years across! The Milky Way is spinning 490,000 MPH, and at that breakneck speed requires 200,000 years to make ONE ROTATION! And there are a billion other galaxies just like ours. It takes immensely more faith than the human mind can conjure up to believe that the universe "JUST HAPPENED", or evolved, than to believe that a rational mind greater than ours designed it.

     J. Glentworth Butler, D.D; BIBLE WORK: The Old Testament, Vol. 1; Page 96,  expressed it well, "If we remove the term GOD from this first chapter, we leave behind the mystery of darkness. When we reinsert the word GOD we import the nobler mystery of light. In a very plain sense there is, so far as the visible creation is concerned, less mystery WITH a Creator than without one; since there is nothing but mystery on the side of atheism. Here is the Christian standpoint, and here is the Christian resting ground – God the mighty and holy Maker of all things."
     In spite of all that science has accomplished and achieved, it has not found a substitute for God!

    Just a thought across the Garden Gate by Parson Don


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