In 1955 President Eisenhower conducted a tour of Gettysburg. He explained the strategy used by both the Confederate and Union forces. This battlefield and hundreds of others like it have become hallowed grounds, where thousands of Americans have died to preserve freedom, prevent aggression or keep in tact the union of American states.

A few months earlier, President Eisenhower had toured the Battlefield of Valley Forge and was being shown from one historic spot to another, when he made this terse statement: "This is where they got it for us!" He was inferring to those men and thousands??  of others in all the wars that America has fought, purchased by their blood the freedoms we enjoy today in the "land of the free." And praise be to God that this wise president also altered our PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, by adding the words "under God" to be "one nation under God".

The battlefields of the world today are hallowed and holy to every American, and we pause to give them our highest honors, humbly realizing the sacred trust these, our war dead, have handed to us.

But our minds go back over 2000 years to another battle which was fought on a hill called Calvary. It was a battle of one young man against all the forces of evil. It seemed like a futile, hopeless struggle as Jesus Christ took on Satan's task force single handedly. the jeers of the rabble, the spittle of the soldiers and the sneering of the people were incidental compared to the inner struggle which was taking place in His soul. But, we watch Him, as one hand is stretched out toward God and the other toward rebellious man, and He makes the connection and says, "It is finished!" He got through for us. If we are to be strong spiritually, it will be through Him. People are learning to say with confidence, "I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me." We can best keep faith with those who have gone before us by keeping faith with ourselves, and with our highest ideals and with God.


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