Most people from age 20 to 50 love change. We repaint the outside of the house every 5 years and the inside ever two to three years. The kitchen gets remodeled and the bathroom gets a face lift. Most people, especially men change cars every 2 to 4 years and houses ever 7 to 12 years. The old television has to go and put in its stead one with a huge screen and such high definition that the images appear almost real. And so it goes.

     An old Chinese proverb goes something like, "The only thing constant is change." For those of us who are my age, "three score and ten and counting" think back to 45 to 55 years ago. Remember hearing mom and dad saying something like," If only I could still get such and such, like I used to?" Make a list of items that your parents missed that was common 20 to 30 years prior to that time.

     The school bus always came to our house way out on the farm to give my brother and myself a ride to school. Dad would really bemoan how the younger generation was becoming "too soft" and related how he had to walk seven miles in snow to school. Mother thought she was in heaven when she got her first electric iron and no longer had to use the old "sat irons" that was heated on the wood cook stove.   Daddy thought he had become a real live Santa Claus when he had a propane company deliver and set up a tank full of propane and replaced the wood burning cook stove with a propane cook stove.

     Then going back a bit further we become aware that the stage coach gave way to the advent of the train. Horse drawn surreys, buggies and wagons went by the way side with the coming of the Stanley Steamer, Model T and other horseless carriages.

     Now in our modern era, how many of us remember the old Photostats common at the Court House. Deeds, marriages license and any other legal document was all black background with white letters.  The rage of the time being technological advance by the 3-M Company. This was replaced by the photo copiers using 20 pound bond white paper. You know the rest of the story on that. Of course we have all see the old large box hanging on the wall where you stand on you toes to speak in to a mouth peace, and held the ear piece in your hand. This was replaced with the phone sitting on a table that you had to crank to reach the operator. The rest is history. Phones with a circular dial was common for a long time, then the push button phone, now the voice activated phone and the growing acceptance of the cellular phone. I have read that in only 4 years the pay phone that has been very common and very popular until very recently will be history.

     As the old Chinese adage indicates, times are changing. Technology is racing forward at the speed of light - with such rapidity, that by the time you buy something new and get it home, it is already out dated!

     This is not so with our Jehovah God we worship. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is unchangeable, being the same from eternity to eternity - the same yesterday, today and tomorrow - for ever and ever. We can depend on the same forgiveness of our unspeakable sins as did David who committed such a horrible sin. Just as Rahab the Whore (Harlot in King James) found safety at the hands of the Israelite spys and was redeemed, so can we when we turn to Him in faith. Just as God used Moses to deliver His people, the Israelites, out of Egyptian bondage, a type of sin, so will He use us to lead men and women out of sinful lives. Just as Joshua finished what Moses had started, and delivered the Children of Israel into the Promised Land, so will he use us to finish what someone else has started, or someone else to finish what we have started. Someone sows, someone tills and another reaps the harvest. And all the glory goes to Jesus and His work on the cross, and the Holy Spirit and His work in the hearts of men.

     Times, things and people change, but our eternal loving God is unchangeable.                                

       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don. 



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