God's Word - A Letter From Home 

      We have all had an occasion to be away from home and longed for contact with home and someone whom we loved;  Perhaps someone is a  soldier on fields of war; Perhaps some one is a student in college; Perhaps someone is laid up in the hospital for a few days; Perhaps someone is a  company executive asked to resolve a problem in a branch facility in another city - a lonely wanderer so far from his father's house.

       That letter from home! Food or drink, health or wealth, friends or fortune - none of these will satisfy that aching hunger which craves for just a word from home.

       In a much higher sense, the Psalmist tells us, the heart of the child of God yearns for word from his heavenly Father's house. From that Word he  draws is spiritual refreshment, his courage for the way. Our heavenly Father has addressed a letter to each one of His children. It is a letter of  admonition and instruction, of consolation and encouragement, of joy and triumph. This letter is to be found in the Holy Bible.

       Especially in those pages of the Bible which tell us of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of His Son (all for us!). He has poured out His loving  heart, telling us the good news about our Elder Brother, who has won complete redemption for us and who is even now back in the Father's house  preparing a place for us and awaiting our arrival there. Your Bible is your letter from home, the Father's house, your "word from home."

       How we turn to it, many times daily, again and again, while absent from the homeland!! How eager we should be to gather with our fellow pilgrims  every Sunday to hear another portion read and pondered and expounded.

       It is a word from home - from the Father's house. Let us hear it. Let us heed it. Let us love it!!

       Lord, we thank You for Your Holy Word. My we always treasure it as a Word from home - from our Father's house. May it guide us on our  homeward way. For Jesus' sake. Amen and Amen!                               

       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don. 



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