After graduating High School in Louisiana, I found my way to Colorado. There I became familiar with and fell in love with the Colorado Blue Spruce and the tall majestic Ponderosa Pines. After being blessed with a beautiful wife, then 4 lovely children, we purchased 5 plush acres in the foothills approaching the breath-taking Sangre de Cristo Mountain range. If there ever was a place that could be called "God's Country", this, I thought, had to be it. The acreage was adorned with both Blue Spruce and the stately Ponderosas. The air was always charged with the enchanting aroma of evergreens.

     Recently as I was driving home from having taken my lovely bride of 17 months to the beauty parlor, I began meditating on Psalms One. "Blessed is the man . . . . . whose leaf does not wither . . . . " NIV - Psalms 1:1 - 6.

     In the springtime, when other trees were dressing themselves in their Easter finery, the evergreens seemed a bit out-of-date, and also a bit out of place. Then in the middle of summer the evergreens looked so much like the other trees around them they seemed to be lost in the landscape. But, when autumn decks its neighbors in gorgeous garments of gold, yellow and red, the evergreens seemed to be the most drab of all the trees around.

     The believer in Christ, a Christian, is one of God's evergreens. " . . . whose leaf does not wither  . . . " vs 3.  In the winter season of life, when the winds of adversity blow stiff and strong, when the dull gray skies of gloom and drabness shut out the rays of the cheering sunshine, the Christian stands out among his fellows as one of God's evergreens.

     His roots are sunk deep in the promises of God. From these promises he draws strength to adorn his life with Christian virtues regardless of surrounding circumstances. But, are WE one of God's evergreens? Was the Psalmist speaking of US when he said: "He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither"? Are we one of those trees that, no matter what the season may bring, economic change, political turmoil, death, brings joy and gladness to the eye of the beholder?

                                Lord, make me one of Your evergreens,
                                With roots sunk deeply in Your Word,
                                With branches of adornment
                                That never fade or wither.
                                In Jesus' name. Amen.

     Just a thought from Parson Don across the garden gate.


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