Jesus is at the helm of each Christian's life

directing them through life's storms.

     For a period of about 12 years I sold casualty insurance - primarily auto and home insurance. We all are aware that if a person owns 2 or more cars, each has to have its own insurance policy. You cannot have one car insured and be covered while driving another car you own. The same is true of houses. Your Home Owners insurance will not cover your fishing boat nor your second home in Arizona or Florida. Each requires its own policy.

     Similarly, God does not have in-laws. Each man, woman and child has to accept Christ as their Savior for themselves. A new baby born to Christian parents is not automatically a Christian. An unsaved person who marries a Christian does not by default become a Christian. Each individual has to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior for themselves. "We shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ . . . .So each of us shall give account of himself to God." Romans 14:10-14 (NKJV).

     In the early 70's I was visiting in the home of one of our church members in south-central Colorado. The wife was a faithful member. The husband and children were not. My intention was to visit with the family and witness to the husband and father of the home. He politely, though awkwardly cut me short with a smile, saying, “You know Reverend, I have always carried my religion in my wife’s name.”

     Yes, I did remember. I considered for moment on his comment, and then replied, “I do remember, Mr. Jones. However, as I have studied the Bible, I have found no place indicating that God has in-laws.”

     Thankfully, the point struck home. The faith which Mrs. Jones had placed in Jesus as her Savior was a personal one — a relationship between her and Jesus alone. In no way would her faith cover for her husband’s lack of commitment. He would have to come to a personal confession, repentance and faith, as would each of their children. Jesus does not guide families and groups. Rather, He stands at the helm of each life and guides them through life's storms.

    The Apostle Paul makes it clear in the previous passage reference that we “stand before the judgment seat of Christ”. The relationship one’s spouse or children have with Christ avails nothing for anyone else. Each is saved on the basis of a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, which is when He positions Himself at that life's helm.

     How about your family? Does each belong to Christ through confession of sins, asking Jesus to come into their hearts and following Christ in baptism? Remember God has only sons and daughters – no in-laws. 

   Just a thought from Parson Don across the Garden Gate.                   




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