Gospel Art Series-3a

 Treasures In The Snow


     "TREASURES IN THE SNOW" was created when the artist was impressed by God's tremendous gift in winter's white blanket.

     Consider a Snowflake: each with intricate design so uniquely individual that there is but one of a kind. It refracts light like a diamond, attracts dirt like a magnet, absorbs it like a sponge, removes it from the air like a filter, eliminating germs like disinfectant, all-the-while imparting fertilizer to the earth on which it makes it's bed. Finally, when kissed by the sun it's heart is suddenly melted into one sparkling life-giving drop of totally pure water!

     Who but God could dress the earth in a shimmering white gown while washing from the face of the sky above both dirt and germs? Who else could thereafter broadcast the cleaning crystals, leaving a residue of only pure water and fertile ground, -- and do all this in time capsules -- providing some now -- and some later released for a parch, feverish and aching land?

     No wonder God asked Job, "Has thou entered into the treasures of the snow?" Job 38:22 (KJV)

     Painting and Inspiring Message by Luella G. Brown, 1973

     Both painting and message copyright © 2010 Donald R. Brown and family. 


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