I find one of the most ironic things in the Bible involves Elisha. He was a great man of faith who had performed many miracles in his lifetime, yet, he died from illness

To me there is an element of mystery in the ministry of the miraculous. 

         Before he died, Elisha extended to King Jehoahaz an opportunity to be a part of an enacted prophecy that symbolized his future victories over the Syrians. However, Jehoahaz would not be victorious as he could have been, because he lacked faith and was unwilling to do enthusiastically something that may have seemed foolish to him. 

      Sometimes the walk of faith is a walk of perseverance. Just because the answer does not come the first time, faith does not quit. Faith asks, then continues to ask -- continuing to pray, hence Paul's admonition as referenced above, "Pray without ceasing." 

      It appears that the apostles healed everywhere they went, as Jesus, Himself, also did. The apostle Paul prayed three times for the removal of the "thorn in the flesh", to which God replied, "My grace is sufficient for you . . ." II Corinthians. 12:7-9 (NKJV).  

       As all too many people know, in spite of fervent prayers, many are not healed in this life. Even the great apostle Paul did not always heal his loved one's. He left Miletus, leaving behind Trophimus sick. (II Timothy 4:20). The Bible does not give the answers we want to hear regarding this mystery. Just the very fact that a close associate of an apostle was not healed shows that this reality has existed even from the early days of the church. Such a fact should never discourage or introduce doubt into our prayers. Rather, it should serve as a guard against presumption or condemnation. 

      Men and women of faith believe in the absolute divine inspiration of the Scriptures. Therefore, people of faith have a very high view of the Bible and are able to courageously face the mysterious and opposition unmoved.

 Thank you - Don Brown -aka Parson Don 

     Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don. 



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