The Chaldean hill country beyond Jerusalem is probably the hills King

David had in mind when writing this portion of Psalms.


      "I lift up my eyes to the hills -- where does my help come from? (2) My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2 ((NIV)

       Several years ago I heard a story of a young man who was tired of life. Seems he was surrounded by difficulties which he deemed as insurmountable. So he turned to his closest friend and said: "I have looked to the left, and I have looked to the right, but I can find no help." His friend then replied, "Why don't you try looking upward?"

      The upward look, indeed! How often we forget it. In days of trial and trouble we often find ourselves giving way to faithless worry, as though we had no Father above. Frantically we scan the horizontal horizons for help. We forget that the first pleading glance of the troubled Christian must always be a vertical look toward heaven.

      Oh, how often, it is in the school of affliction that the eyes of the Christian are trained heavenward. This was especially true of King David, when he penned the words at the top of this devotional. Sadly, the life of David was filled with tragedy. The words of the hymnist "I walk in danger all the way" could be applied to David more than to the lives of most of us in America. On more than on occasion David had come within a gnats eye brow of death. Only after long and bitter days in the dungeon of adversity did he learn to say with unswerving confidence, "I lift my eyes to the hills . . . . . my help comes from the Lord . . .". 

      Have we learned to say and do just that? In every day of trouble let us remember, we have a Father in the Father's house to whom we can go with every hurt, every fear and every sorrow. We know that God the Father loves us for Jesus' sake, His Son, our Redeemer.                   

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