"The good that I would I do not,  but the evil that I would not, that I do." 

Romans 7:19 

      Have you ever heard someone say, "If he had been a real Christian, he wouldn't have had a nervous breakdown." In addition to being unkind, that remark is not true. Accepting Christ as one's Savior, does not make a person unable to do wrong, nor does it make one immune to illness.

      I view the greatest illustration of this truth as being the apostle Paul himself. This was a man of heroic stature, bold, courageous, confident, not afraid to say what was in his heart before kings and princes. Yet, this noblest of all men had feet of clay! He was a chronic sinner, admitting that he was "chief of sinners". Even though he knew what was right, he often found himself failing to do it; and knowing what was wrong, he even did it anyway! As Martin Luther put it, he was simultaneously a saint (by God's grace) and a sinner (because of his human weakness).

      Isn't this the same situation in which you and I find ourselves over and over, again and again? I often find my list of good intentions, at the end of each day too much longer than my accomplishments! How often our list of determined "no-no's", turns out to have been on our days agenda!

      Surely our conscience, like that of Paul, tells us that we really do sin daily. And how often we participate in the human tragedy that follows in the wake of sin -- including such things as breakdowns. But praise be to God! He still gives us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. He still declares us righteous because of Jesus Christ, His Son. Sinners though we are, God looks at us through the redeeming blood of Jesus, and all He sees are saints. Praise God we still can sing:

"Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb;

His child, and forever, I am."

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