King David learned the hard way that righteousness exalts a nation. His son, Solomon conveys to us this truth, as he wrote Proverbs. "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace (reproach- KJV) to any people. NIV - Prov. 14:34.
     Job as well, learned of God's faithfulness. Through his grief's Job came to his heritage. He was tried that his godliness might be confirmed. Jobs afflictions left him with higher concepts of God and much lower thoughts of himself. In wearisome days and nights Job was given a glimpse through the veil, as it were, so that he could finally say, "I know that my Redeemer lives . . . " NIV - Job 19:25.
     When God's people rally, keeping the cross before them, adversity always ultimately turns out to the advantage of the righteous. As His people we must continue His work, dauntless and unafraid! There are blessings which we can not obtain if we cannot accept and endure the suffering. No, I do not mean we must accept the passing of evil laws that are against us. Nor should we solely depend on government to protect us and our freedom. We must bring to remembrance II Chronicles 7:14, and confess our sins, seeking His face and pray. We can put feet on our prayers by writing to our representatives in Washington, but we must not depend on Washington alone.  Had it not been for those first brave souls who cried out to God, seeking His will, the 13 Colonies that formed the New Baby in 1776, known as the United States of America, would have never survived Valley Forge.
     If we will only follow through on God's call in II Chronicles 7:14, the suffering we have endured as individuals and as a nation since 1962, we will emerge a stronger people and a greater nation. Our wounds whether political, social, economic, spiritual will be healed, though seamed with scars. Martyrs, murdered Christians around the planet (as well as aborted babies)  will have put on their coronation robes glittering in His glory, and through their tears have seen the gates of heaven.
     Moses, because he struck the rock the second time, rather than speaking to it as God had commanded, was allowed to only view the Promised Land, and not enter. David, because he had Uriah killed so he could marry Bathsheba was denied the privilege of  building the Temple. On the other had, Job, because of his righteousness and faithfulness to God had restored back to double of everything he had before his temptation began. The exception being, he was given 10 more sons, not twenty, because when that last Trumpet sounds Job will then, have all 20 of his sons!
     In conclusion let us hear Job's declaration in full:
                                            "I know that my Redeemer lives,
                                             And that in the end He will stand upon the earth.
                                             And after my skin has been destroyed,
                                             Yet in my flesh I will see God;
                                             I myself will see Him with my own eyes -- I
                                             And not another.
                                             How my heart yearns within me!
                                                                                Job 19:25 - 27 - NIV

     Just a thought across the Garden Gate  from Parson Don


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