After I finished my first year in seminary, I was serving as interim pastor for a church near Lufkin, Texas. One morning as I was walking down the hallway of our church, after a Sunday morning worship service, I heard a blood curdling cry of a small boy. He held tightly to the hands of both his mother and father, who were making fruitless efforts to comfort the lad.

     Sensing my concern, the father explained why the youngster was crying: "He didn't get to see Jesus."

     Perhaps the toddler had expected to see a painting of Christ on the nursery wall, or perhaps he didn't get to go into the sanctuary - the "big church" where he would have seen the minister, the choir, the alter, and a likeness of Jesus in one of the stained glass windows.

     The youngster had come to church expecting to see Jesus, but, he was disappointed and went away in tears.

     Does anyone ever come to your church and go away without having seen Jesus? Does any one ever come into your presence and go away without having seen the reflection of our Christ? Does anyone ever listen to you, visit with you, or fall under the shadow of your influence without having felt the presence of God?

     During my high school days in Louisiana, Red Sovine made popular a recital titled, "What Would You Do If Jesus Came to Your House for a Day or Two?" This soul searching song asks many soul searching questions, about how one is dressed, their language, would one have to hastily put away magazines they did not want Jesus to see? One's life style definitely either enhances or detracts from how one sees Jesus in you.

     Our responsibility - as sons and daughters of the living God - is to live in such a manner that everyone whose life we touch will say: "I felt the touch of the Master . . . I saw Jesus today when I was visiting with him/her."

     Since the date of the sound of that last trumpet sound is not known, it behooves us to always be dressed in a manner appropriate to be in the presence of the King; be careful what we watch on TV; the books we read; the places we frequent; what is lurking in the refrigerator; the jokes we tell and laugh at - the list can go on.

     It is our responsibility to transform the atmosphere, to be a vital spark of encouragement to others. Our very lives, in every aspect, should point the way toward the Savior. When someone has visited with you and later they are talking about their visit with you, can they say something like: "When I met him/her I was looking down; when I walked away, I was looking up."  

       Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.




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