Are You Making An Impact?

     Within every human heart is a desire to make an impact. Some make an impact within their immediate area. Some make an impact that is felt through out a region or area. A few make an impact that is of world wide proportions. Still some make little or no impact because they have not raised their sights. 

     There is a story of a rather unusual tombstone that was placed in a certain cemetery -- but the man was still living. On the tombstone were chiseled the name of the man and his date of birth, followed by a blank space for his future date of death. The epitaph reads: "He bowled 300 in 1982." 

     He bowled a perfect game -- once. And that is it! Apparently that was the feat he wants to be remembered for. What an impact! What a contribution to society! Such a legacy to future generations! What a record of service! 

     What do you want to be remembered for? What will be your lasting contribution to mankind? Will you be governor of your state? Mayor of your city? A senator? Maybe even president of the United States one day?  What are you doing in anticipation of making the United States, your country, the world in which to be a better place to live? 

     Maybe you did something significant back in 1982. the big question is, "But what have you done lately, now, this year?"  Are you and I resting our our laurels of past achievements? Are we content to read clippings from old papers of touchdowns and home runs we made a few decades ago? Or are you pushing the envelope to read of something we did this past month? This past week? 

     None of us are getting any younger. Time is of the essence. Do something significant today that will take the head lines year - next month - next week?                                         

     Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.




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