A Place To Call Home

     I grew up on a farm in Louisiana in a close-nit family. Ours was a family oriented one. Family reunions were common - almost annually for many ears. I learned to love family even to 2nd and 3rd cousins, great uncles and aunts and great grand parents. 

     It was not often that I was away from hone alone. The fartherist I was ever from home until I was 22, was under 75 miles. Today most people think nothing about cross-country vacations or even to another country. We in America are a mobile society. It is said that the typical American pulls up roots and completely changes location and occupation every 5 years. In my youth, because my dad was a Share- cropper, I never knew what it was to have a place I could really call home until I was in the 5th grade in school, which is when my dad was medically discharged from the military and he purchased what became known as the Family Farm. It is here that my most pleasant memories of my childhood began. 

     It was on the Family Farm that I learned stability, and now, I love stability. I want to know where I am today is where I will be tomorrow — and the next - - - 

     The weary wonderer, as he rests at close of day, thinks fondly of his father's house.   The familiar faces, the friendly voices, the tender recollections of distant loved ones, have inscribed their indelible pictures upon the album of his soul. So when evening comes, he steals away from the busy world for quiet thoughts about his father's house.   That is where his treasure is, and that is where his heart is also. 

     So it is with us Christians. We have a Father and a "Father's House", reserved for us beyond the stars. In that distant home lies the complete fulfillment of all our highest hopes and grandest dreams. There dwells our Savior, who has prepared our home for us — and has — and is preparing us for our home. There dwell those whom we love and know best. And there, we too, some day shall dwell! 

     How natural, then, that we should now and again find our thoughts stealing away to the inviting portals of our Father's House, to loved ones who have gone before, and to the eternal joys that await us there. That is where our treasure is — how could our hearts be elsewhere? 

     It is several of these thoughts of our Father's House that has been gathered from the spirit breathed pages of the Bible that has inspired this meditation and inspirational. Just prior to Jesus' ascension He said, " - - - - - I go to prepare a place for you - - - - ". Man in all his genius builds a marvelous mansion in only a few months. Jesus has now been preparing for us for over 2000 years! No wonder the inspired man of God pinned these words, " - - - eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, nor has entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love him - - - "   I am certain that when God inspired these words He must have chuckled and said, "No! Don, do not even try! Even you, in all your imaginative finesse, can not even remotely fathom what I am preparing for you!" 

     As we contemplate the beauties of the mansions which stand at our journey's end, we pray our heavenly Father that our hearts may be cheered, and our feet be guided ever more surely along our pilgrim path. 
     Just a Thought Across The Garden Gate by Parson Don.


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