Reverend Billy Graham entered the presence of the Lord February 21, 2018. What a joyous moment it had to be when the Lord Jesus welcomed him with, "Well done good and faithful servant." He was the greatest man of our time. His influence was bigger than any of the people who held office or had a fortune. Billy himself would be the first to say his power was never his, but of Jesus Christ. His fortune was massive, but not of this earth, rather in the vaults in Heaven where rust does not corrode and moths do not consume.
Billy Graham was an ordinary man with an extraordinary calling. He  was as comfortable in the halls of power as he was in the mud huts  of Africa. To both, the message was the same,  "Jesus died for your sins, therefore repent and give your life to Him".   Dr.  Graham ministered and prayed through 12 administrations. He is  now surrounded by millions who received salvation because they  responded to the his message. Billy's greatest ministry was not the words he spoke – rather, it was the life he lived. The impact Billy Graham's life and ministry had on others lives on in a way that will never end. It didn't matter if he was talking to Presidents, Popes, Prime Ministers, Kings or Queens, or ordinary people, he stuck to a very simple message, that we are all sinners and Jesus Christ is our only hope to be rescued from our sins. That was the message of Rev. Graham's life.

Some have suggested this is the end of an era and there will never be another team like Billy Graham, George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows. Such a thought would make these three men, especially Billy Graham, very sad. The preaching of the Gospel did not stop with the apostle Peter on Pentecost, nor with the apostle Paul on Mars Hill. Nor did preaching of the Gospel end with Augustine or Martin Luther. Nor did the preaching of the Gospel end with John Wesley, John Wycliffe, Matthew Henry, Spurgeon, Moody nor Billy Sunday.

There were others that continued the work started by Apostle Peter at Pentecost, of which the ones named above only a few. God has always had a man or a group of men to keep the church and those under its influence aware that humanity is not sufficient to govern itself apart from God's protective overshadowing, reminding us that - and I paraphrase - ". . . . that unless God protects us, then the watchmen watch in vain. . . ."   Psalms 127:1.   Billy Graham served well, reminding America and the world that only God truly protects. 

Billy Graham finished well. He truly lived a life of integrity that each follower of Jesus Christ can emulate. He lived such a life that went beyond reason to stay pure in his sojourn on this Earth, that his message was never in any way compromised. Critics came and went, but Billy never turned right or left, forever keeping his eye on the Cross of Christ. There will no doubt be others to take up the mantel, filling the vacuum left by Dr. Graham's departure.

Just a thought across the garden gate by Parson Don.


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