A King Disturbed

    Though out the history of the Hebrew nation, God always ruled among His people through the Prophets, the Priests and King. Some held two of these offices in different configurations, i.e: Prophet and King; or Prophet and Priest or Priest and King- but, never all three.

    It is only when we come to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that we find One who is Prophet and Priest and King! The wise Men from the East knew this. Remember, the Hebrews had been enslaved in Babylon for over 400 years. Those kings knew that with the Israelites in their midst, they were dealing with a "powder keg". if I may borrow a modern term for the Old, Old Story.

    At the time of Jesus' birth, the Jews could not discern the signs of the times; wore yet, they did not understand their own prophets. But the Kings of the East knew when the King of the Jews was to be born and came to worship Him, bringing gifts.

    Every time I read the Christmas Story I am struck with the oddity that Herod, "and all of Jerusalem" were troubled with the arrival of "three kings". Why would three kings trouble anyone? Herod had all the Roman army at his command. Remember Jesus among the doctors in the second chapter of Luke? When Joseph and Mary returned home, they discovered the child Jesus was not with them. They had, as most parents would, had assumed "He was among the company of people traveling." In those days, for protection from robbers, it was prudent to travel in a large company of people. No doubt, the Kings of the East, like our president, traveled in a "company" of body guards. Now, that would trouble any king, should they show up unannounced, as did the Magi, or Kings of the East. Because there were three types of gifts, we are told there were 3 kings. Most likely they were accompanied by dozens, perhaps upwards of a hundred armed men on horses and camels. They would be formidable, and would truly disturb Herod or any king.

    But, notice these gifts. There were Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. These gifts are very significant: The gold speaks of Jesus' Kingship. The Frankincense speaks of Jesus' Priesthood. the Myrrh speaks of His being a Prophet. Many have suggested that the Myrrh is an allusion to His burial, because of the tradition of embalming. But, I beg to differ.  First, Christ was not embalmed, although that is what the company of women had intended when they went to the tomb. Myrrh is one of the most healing of all plants on the planet. I suggest that, if you do not have a copy, go to your library or to your local Health Food Store and thumb through a copy of Dr. Christopher's School of Herbal Healing. Turn to the section on Myrrh. the number of ailments and diseases that Myrrh is a specific for is mind boggling! Truly Jesus is King of Kings, our High Priest and the Great Physician.

    No wonder the Bible tells us every knee shall bow before Him. Who would not dare, either in fear and trembling or in unabated love and adoration?


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