THE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE IS 93
                                      BILLION LIGHT YEARS ACROSS!

Where do we fit in the vastness of the universe? How does the universe look to God? This, of course, is a question no human can ever answer. Just about everyone is familiar with the ever popular "STAR TREK", in which Captain Kirk and his inter-stellar crew travel where "no man has ever before gone". Man has longed to soar with the eagles long before the Wright Brothers made their first flight at Kitty Hawk. Man still doesn't soar with the eagles, but he has built great passenger planes that will fly at incredible speeds at an altitude of eight miles and has walked on the moon and dreams of going to Mars one day. 

But, really, how viable is man's quest to "conquer" space? The observable universe from our vantage point is 93 billion light-years across! We have no idea how much lies beyond what we can see. It is utterly ludicrous for any one to say "there is no God", thinking that it all "just happened". The very thought of man "conquering space" is beyond unthinkable. Just think of this: If you took just ONE SECOND to look at each of the 300 billion or so stars in our Milky Way galaxy, it would take you nearly 10,000 years to view them all!!

Our galaxy is just a tiny part of a much larger structure, which is a kind of cluster of cluster's, containing many thousands of galaxies in a region of space 100 billion times larger than our Milky Way. Multiply that by 93 billion light year across!! But, now, we have learned with the help of the Hubble Space Telescope that this super cluster is just the tip of the iceberg!

But what is it all for? Why did a Creator make all this - and why so big? God did not need such a universe for Himself. He made it for man and promises this as the inheritance for those who accept Jesus as their Savior. Read Hebrews 2:5-9. In verse 8, speaking of man, the Hebrew writer says, "You have put all things in subjection under his feet . . .", then ends with ". . .   But now we do not YET see all things put under him." (Note: emphasis is mind - DRB).

Man has an incredible potential, but it will not be fully reached in his fallen state in an imperfect world. Jesus had to first come and take away mans sin with the shedding of His blood, paying a price we were unable to pay. Jesus being an infinite Being could pay or our sins in a finite period of time, whereas man,  being finite, would have to pay for his own sins in an infinite period of time.
Now, man can only view the heavens and scratch the surface, but after that final trumpet has sounded and all are resurrected, the goats put to His left and the sheep to His left (Matthew 25:32,33), and the righteous (sheep) ascend to heaven with Him, as the goats are cast into hell. Then all things will be put under mans feet, with Jesus as their king.

Just a thought across the Garden Gate by Don Brown.          



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