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     Apart from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, America's greatest need this moment is good fathers.

     Great pressure surround children when they leave the security and support of the home. The role of the father, important in early years, is all the more important in the school years. Through these years the child needs a point of reference — someone who will share his pressures and someone who will guide him to the right.

     America has never been in a greater need of fathers — fathers who take seriously their roles and responsibilities.

     Fathers were put in place by Jehovah God, Himself — long before any government: local, state or national — long before the church or any religious order, for that matter. Fathers have a unique place in God's plan — they are the overseers of the family, hence have the privilege of initiating good and positive influences.

     Fathers need all the help they can get in meeting their day to day responsibilities and nurturing relationships. That is why the spiritual ingredients are so important to fathers. Spiritual resources give fathers strength and the means with which to cope with problems and possibilities pertaining to his role.

     Children learn to love, first, at home. They see and hear the relationship between male and female, man and woman, or more specifically, if you please, husband and wife — father and mother. Hence, the greatest legacy a father can leave his children is to love their mother.


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