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A Personal Note from Don ...    

     I have always enjoyed writing. Initially, writing was primarily for my own pleasure and amusement, though sometimes, for a limited audience. It was not until about 1997, when acquiring my first computer, I began expanding my horizons for my reading audience.
    My writings evolved through various titles and formats. The reception to my devotionals and previous web pages have been gratifying. More importantly, God has been praised, honored and glorified and the borders of His kingdom expanded and His people edified, which is always my paramount goal.
    Because He lives and rules - Parson Don   

                                             DON IS A 24-YEAR CANCER SURVIVOR -
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                                                       How Don beat cancer - naturally!
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            The Bible-It's Message-Part IV                   Oct 30, 2018 
                      Is America Truly Thankful?                        Oct 30, 2018              
             Afraid To Sin    (Replaced)                          Sept 6, 2018         
             The Bible-It's Theme-Part III                       Sept 2, 2018    
             The Bible-It's Inspiration-Part II                 Aug 19, 2018    
             The Bible-It's Permanence-Part I               Aug 13, 2018                    
             Depart From Us                                             Aug 5, 2018
                      Declaration Of Independence                    July 11, 2018                             
                      A God's Eye View Of The Universe          June 19, 2018                              
                      Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow                      June 15, 2018                             
                      A Tribute to Mothers                                   May 24, 2018                              
                      Jesus Prevailed                                         Mar 24, 2018

                      A Legacy Has Gone Home                            Mar 1, 2018

                      Do Your Best Today                                     Feb 25, 2018                                      

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You Will Live Eternally - But Where               Colorado Photos By Don      

Statement of Faith                                            Easter-Six Miracles of Calvary

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